Fellowships in Applied Studies

previously the institute for 21st century Education

No other high school in the U.S. offers the experiential 学习 opportunities that HB girls have through the Fellowships in Applied Studies. In addition to offering personally transformative experiential curricular opportunities in a variety of disciplines, the Fellowships and the real-world exposure they provide set HB students apart in the college admission process. 


的奖学金 are elective and ungraded. 的奖学金 work in tandem with HB's core curriculum and enable students to actively engage with transformative ideas and careers.

的奖学金 have been hailed nationally for the way they have reinvented girls’ education, defining new pathways for self-discovery, 领导, 创新, and service to society.

Through HB’s signature Fellowships in Applied Studies, girls are encouraged and empowered to design their own 学习.


The wide range of Fellowships, each with a unique focus, 有实质性的, 高度激励, and offer challenging opportunities for 学习 and mastery. Nearly every Upper School girl participates in at least one Fellowship, and many more are actively involved in multiple.

通过实地考察, 配售, 演讲者, 旅行, 和更多的, the Fellowships place students in new and exciting settings. Girls take their work public by consulting with industry experts, performing for an audience, coordinating an exhibit, or engaging with a service-学习 project.

Girls receive a well-rounded business program consisting of foundational concepts, 参数, and standards that develop into authentic, real-world business 经历.

This Fellowship helps girls get comfortable with themselves and knowledgeable about other races, 种族, 经济类, 经历, 和观点. They also are engaged with the Greater Cleveland community through 领导 opportunities, 实践服务, international immersion 经历, and Service Learning classes.

Fellowships in Global Citizenship promote global understanding, foster an appreciation for the world's cultures, challenge students to think critically about the world’s most pressing issues, and help students understand how the U.S. fits into a global context. 

This fellowship allows students to explore 科学 research. Girls in SREP path conduct graduate-level research projects in labs with professional scientists and engineers. Students conduct research during the school year and summer and submit their research for prestigious 科学 competitions. 

可持续性 is about being green 和更多的. It’s about designing a world that allows life to flourish — individually, 作为一个社区, 和生态. 的奖学金 in 可持续性 engage the HB community with thinking, 学习, and action to help build a flourishing future.

Fellowships in Technology & 发明 are innovative and collaborative, encouraging girls to connect math, 工程, 科学, and the arts with critical and design thinking. The Fellowship focuses on HB’s technology-based programs including Computer Science, 技术剧院, and the renovated IDEA Lab.

Osborne Fellowships in Writing help girls amplify their voices. 类, 研讨会, 论坛, and visiting writer residencies are all offered in the Fellowship to help students discover and develop their writing.

In the Strnad Fellowships in Creativity students independently pursue an interest with a creative outcome in a limitless number of subjects. Girls have written novels, created philanthropic organizations, designed computer games, 建立了自行车, written and directed musicals, designed and taught academic classes, 在音乐会, created art installations, learned glassblowing, 和更多的. 了解更多

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