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Emily McGinty ’01 recently joined A-Street as a Managing Director.  A-Street is an investment fund focused on seeding and scaling breakthrough tools and services that drive coherent, differentially effective and equitable solutions to transform the future of K-12 learning.  Prior to A-Street, Emily spent more than a decade as an investor with TA Associates, a leading global growth private equity firm.

After graduating from Hathaway Brown, Emily received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College and her MBA from Stanford Business School.

Emily says: 

"My career has been focused on investing in and working with private growth companies across a number of industries.  In my new role at A-Street, I will be specifically focused on investing in innovative K-12 student learning and achievement solutions for students, families and schools.  

A-Street was founded as an investment vehicle to address ongoing educational disparities and achievement gaps.  Given my own educational privilege, starting with Hathaway Brown, I am passionate about trying to help drive change alongside the team at A-Street.  We learn not for school, but for life."

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