COVID Protocols


Check for symptoms

所有的家庭都应该进行一次 symptom check 在他们的学生到达校园之前. 个人展示 symptoms consistent with COVID-19 must remain home until they receive COVID测试呈阴性 由测试地点或远程传送器管理 or their pediatrician confirms, in writing, COVID不是一个问题. 


All employee and student positive cases are reported to the Ohio Department of Health. ODH produces a report of new and cumulative COVID-19 cases in schools.

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请注意:虽然, HB报告了校园和偏远地区的病例, 这个仪表盘显示校园内的正面信息.


Please email 通报任何阳性的COVID检测结果. 

COVID vaccination documents and pediatrician's assurance regarding COVID can be sent to




Sheri Homany


Hathaway Brown’s COVID-19 protocols represent the institution's careful efforts to safeguard the health and well-being of all members of the school community. 博亚体育app的协议有三个重点: 

  • To carry out HB's mission and purpose:教育和授权学生
  • 尽可能保证学生和员工的安全
  • 尽博亚体育app所能维持正常运作

COVID protocols are subject to change based on future conditions and/or recommendations by public health officials.