The Fund for 博亚体育app

Previously known as the Annual Fund, 哈撒韦布朗基金通过校友的慷慨解囊,减轻和提高预算,支持学校的使命, 父母, 教师, 工作人员, 和朋友. The Fund encourages donors to broaden their support of the school, 同时传达他们捐赠的影响,并领导建立慈善文化的努力——为今天, 为明天, 和生活.


  • knowledge in action through the Fellowships in Applied Studies
  • a diverse collection of literary works in the library
  • supplies such as paint brushes, pottery clay, and petri dishes in the chemistry lab
  • coverage for unforeseen emergency expenses to keep students safe and healthy
  • 和更多的. 

Frequently Asked Questions


哈撒韦·布朗努力迅速而准确地接收和确认所有捐献给基金的礼物. HB确保负责任地使用受限制和不受限制的资金,并透明地传达捐赠的影响. To maintain the confidence of our donors, 博亚体育app upholds the tenets outlined in the Donor Bill of Rights.