Middle School (5-8)

She is embraced & 鼓励. 

Distinguished 学者

In Hathaway Brown’s Middle School, girls are challenged, 培养, 指导, and celebrated every day. They have many opportunities to try and try again. 课程提供了一个充满可能性的世界,可以点燃学生的激情和兴趣.

Empowered Girls

除了HB中学的博亚体育app们在教室里学到的所有伟大的东西之外, there are many opportunities to stretch their boundaries, try new things, and grow as empowered young woman. 

The Middle School 学院, 科学 Research, and WEST Fellowships are a few of the exploratory and innovative programs that capitalize on students’ interests and extend their learning. 中学领导力和服务机会被嵌入到课程结构中, as well as in extracurricular options. These activities for leadership and service develop a sense of responsibility and care for HB’s extended community.

Advisor Program

每个中学女生被分配到一个指导小组和教师指导老师. The program provides support for every girl as the advisor-student relationship facilitates integration into and success within the HB community. 通过在更大的社区中提供一个小群体, the advisor group fosters camaraderie, 尊重, and appreciation for each individual's talents. 

指导老师帮助每个学生制定目标并努力实现它们, while also serving as the liaison between home and school. 从本质上讲,辅导员帮助将学校资源和机会与博亚体育app的需求联系起来.



Girls explore interests and discover new ones in an elective course that takes a deep dive into a topic, free from assessment. 各种各样的学院,许多在传统课程之外,提供诸如

  • broadcasting and media creation

  • creative 艺术s

  • health and well-being

  • 取证 

  • outdoor adventures and more

Seventh and eighth graders choose from more than 25 Academy course offerings to develop skills such as cooperative learning, critical thinking, and curiosity that instill the school's motto: "Non Scholae Sed Vitae Discimus—We Learn Not for School, 但对于生活." 

teacher helping middle school student with 艺术 project

Learning Strategies

Girls who p艺术icipate in Learning Strategies benefit from additional 写作 and study skill instruction. Girls become increasingly empowered learners by identifying organizational patterns in reading and 写作, improving reading comprehension and 写作 fluency.

They learn to plan, 暂停, and reflect while reading and commit to proofreading and editing before considering a paper finished. Addressing time management challenges is another recurrent theme as is advocating for themselves with greater ease and effectiveness.

科学 Research

HB scientists are questioning, hypothesizing, 设计, 并在科学研究项目中尝试新的令人兴奋的发现.

Seventh and eighth-grade girls with an interest for science and passion for inquiry select a topic of interest and independently research and develop a project implementing original experimentation and relevant scientific investigation. 

科学研究计划在HB科学与工程博览会上达到顶峰. Students report their findings, interpret their results, 并向从科学领域选出的评委展示他们的数据. 除了 to competing in the science fair, 学生可以参加地方和区域比赛. 

WEST Fellowship

激情, 焦点, determination, and perseverance are the essential characteristics of a Hathaway Brown WEST Fellow — a Woman Engaged in Scholarly Thought.

在这个项目中,七年级和八年级的博亚体育app通过独立学习追求个人爱好. Girls explore a topic for up to two years and are provided with the mentorship and financial support necessary to complete the independent study project. 最终的结果是学生向HB社区展示的成品. WEST projects can be a research paper, 出版, 性能, original composition, digital media, 网站, 电子商务, 艺术, and so much more!

girl on a ladder

Adventure Learning

信任, 冒险, 目标设定, 弹性, 和合作是HB标志性的冒险学习计划灌输给博亚体育app们的特质, 从五年级开始,一直到中学.

The state-of-the-艺术 outdoor course and indoor elements create opportunities to meet holistic needs of each student through adventure-based activities.

博亚体育app在与同龄人建立关系和信任的过程中学习人生课程, foster confidence in themselves, explore 冒险 challenges, build 弹性, and learn to communicate, 合作, and problem solve. 


Middle School girls travel overnight for experiences that span the curricula while creating meaningful memories to cherish for a lifetime.. 在密歇根州的格林菲尔德村和亨利·福特博物馆,五年级学生穿越时空回到过去. 六年级学生在密歇根州的国际小母牛地球村探索他们的全球社区. Seventh graders set sail to Sea Camp on Cape Cod as p艺术 of a yearlong study of Environmental 科学. And eighth graders visit Washington, D.C. to complement to U.S. 历史 curriculum. 


International Travel 

中学生练习他们的语言技能(或学习新的语言技能)!) through international Middle School travel. 七年级和八年级的博亚体育app和HB教员一起去讲法语或西班牙语的国家. 

轮流去法国或巴拿马的旅行有丰富的行程来体验历史, 文化, 和另一个国家的语言,甚至包括冒险或服务学习经验.

Civic Engagement 

在乙肝, 学生们参加各种各样的实践服务项目, 外展, 还有筹款活动,以延续学校长期以来公民参与的传统. 

这些中学女生选择并与当地的一个非营利组织合作,分享她们的时间, 宝, and talents; monthly dress down day funds are allocated to this organization. 除了, special projects such as the Upper School 狂欢节 or school-wide Legacy Days encourage Middle School girls to p艺术ner with community organizations.

每周,指导小组被分配服务周,以保持公共区域的安全和清洁. Girls learn the importance of doing their p艺术 to contribute to the common good of the whole community.


成长 (Girls Reaching Others Worldwide) is a Middle and Upper School student-run foundation dedicated to:

  • 筹款
  • funding and p艺术icipating in service projects
  • 向关注儿童需求的非营利组织和机构提供资助, p艺术icularly girls, educational access, 饥饿, and homelessness

“成长”鼓励HB博亚体育app培养对慈善事业的早期兴趣. 成长基金会的成员定期开会审查奖助金提案, plan fundraisers, and increase awareness about the foundation's mission. 

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